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Hot stamping models(customize)


B200 series will provide you with identification solutions for a variety of applications.
Wires: Electric cables, Optical fiber cables, Control cables
Molded plastic parts: Cable ties, Connectors, Switches, etc

Main Unit

B200P series

B200P series

  • Pneumatic controlled
  • High productivity and constant result
  • Large quantity identification
B200M series

B200M series

  • Manual
  • Easy opretion
  • Small quantity identification

Marking Head Unit

Character wheel system Type setting system

Character wheel system

  • Frequently changeable contents

Type setting system

  • Fixed or unaltered contents
  • Logos or Symbols
  • Types & type holders will be supplied at extra costs

B200 series is a made to order product to satisfy requirements of each costumer.
Combination of main unit & marking head unit,
character size, type of character facet,
design of workpiece holding fixture, etc.

Provide us with your sample workpieces with your identification requirements,
we will be happy to do the trial marking and propose you our best solutions.

Example specifications

Model B200P-G12 B200P-G12
Operation Pneumatic Manual
Number of Wheels 12pcs 7pcs
Caractors Size 2.4H×2.4Wmm
Pitch 3.0mm
Facet Flat
Contents 0-9, A-Z, +, -, /, ., blank (40 facets)
Sellection of caractors Manual rotation of Caractor Wheels
Heater Wattage 200W 100W
Measurement W290×D330×H390mm W260×D290×H360mm
Net weight 19kg 11kg